Chuch Bistro

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(Translated by Joanne Charlebois)
Next door to Chu Chai, this small establishment offers quick, vegetarian thai cuisine, with more than 50% organic ingredients. Sharing a kitchen with Chu Chai, Chuch offers many of the same menu choices, but with fewer faux-meat dishes. One can order from the menu, or from the take-out counter. The take-out counter displays a wide variety of dishes with many colours and flavours to choose from, all freshly made. There is a vast selection of noodles, rice, tofu, salads, and specialty thai vegetable dishes to be discovered. The daily Chuch lunch special is very affordable and probably one of the best values for a vegetarian lunch in the neighbourhood.
Plateau Mont-Royal (Sherbrooke metro)
4094, St-Denis street
Montreal (Quebec)
(514) 843-4194

Mon-Sat 12 noon - 3 pm & 5 pm - 10 pm / Sun 12 noon - 3 pm & 5 pm - 9 pm
Amex, Visa, MC accepted


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