Revealing the True And False In Nutrition With renowned Dr. Michael Greger

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The Montreal Vegetarian Association and Humane Society International are proud to announce the return of Dr. Michael Greger to Montreal. Unique in his approach, Dr. Greger is the creator of the yearly review of nutrition which combines an analysis of up to 5000 scientific nutrition studies into a single presentation. His latest work, the 2012 nutrition review, presents the links between out nutrition and the majors’ cause of mortality with humor and wisdom. This conference wills reveal the true and false in nutrition!
Dr. Michael Greger is also the creator of the acclaimed website and a renowned speaker on nutrition and plant-based diets. His expertise has led to his testifying at the United States Congress, and Cr. Greger was also called as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous “meat defamation” trial.

Conference in English with French translation available

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When: sunday april 21st à 11am.
Where : UQAM, 405 Ste-Catherine Est (local J-M 400), metro Berri-UQAM.
Price : 5$ members of MVA or HSI or students, $7 non-members

*No ticket will be sent in the mail. Your paypal receipt will be your proof of purchase.

Note: toddlers are not accepted


Author: Anne-Marie Roy



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