Meatless Monday at the Bell Headquarters

 (Translated by Nisha Coleman)


On May 17, the Montreal Vegetarian Association was at the Bell headquarters in Dorval to promote the Meatless Monday campaign. The Bell employees took advantage of the event to visit our booth during their lunch break.

The booth attracted about 400 people who benefited from the brochures on Meatless Monday and vegetarianism as well as the valuable advice and information provided by our MVA volunteers. The employees were offered samples of Natura soy milk, Gardein products, and Jardin Santé veggie paté. They also took the opportunity to speak with Georges Laraque, who kindly accepted to hold the booth and talk about his experience with vegetarianism. 

The event was a great success. For the majority, it was their first encounter with vegetarianism. They discovered the positive impacts of a vegetable based diet and how to make alternative food choices.

It was great pleasure for me to discus my new passion, vegetarianism, with my colleagues who were very open-minded.  


Alexandre Gagnon est le fondateur principal de l'AVM. Il aime le tofu à toutes les sauces et il est webmaster de l'AVM depuis sa création.



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